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At Garage Doors Seattle service, we know how important the garage door is for your vehicle and family security. And that is why we are open 24/7 to assist you through any misalignment or damage. Our teams of professional and expert technicians are available all through the day and night and are available for emergency garage door services.

For the safety of your vehicles, it is very important to have a strong gate. A majority of garage doors are much broader that the normal size of the doors. There are different types of garage doors available in the market. We stock all types and styles of garage doors if you need new garage doors installed. All you have to do is to choose the one that fits in your budget, and more than your budget, it should add to the curb appeal of your home. Ensure you understand your requirements before buying a new set of doors. Though there are many companies that are manufacturing and supplying different types of doors, we stock only the best doors as quality matters. And if you are intending to buy a new door, you need to choose reputed companies like our Garage Doors Seattle to make the purchase.

Here is more information to help you select the best doors for your garage. We stock all styles, makes and materials so all you need to do is know the right type of garage door for your home and give us a call. We’ll come and install it for you immediately and get the old doors carted away, if required.

Sectional Garage doors: The sectional garage doors are the best choice for the houses that have plenty of space in the front. This is the best choice for a new garage doors and adds class to your property. It is very important to buy garage doors that enhances the curb appeal and matches with the overall look of your house. These doors have a set of panels that are attached horizontally and help the door open parallel to the ceiling of the garage. You can get automatic opener with these doors for swift entry and closures.

Roller Garage Doors: Roller garage doors and sectional garage doors are similar to each other. The main difference is the space that is required, while the doors are being opened. These doors take less headroom inside the garage. This is because the door rolls up when opened. Thus, it is not important to have extra space in front for the door to open or close. Most of the times, these doors are automatic. If you want to see the different styles and colors, please give us a call.

Traditional garage doors: These are traditional doors and open and close as normal doors. For all those people, image is important; they should use the side-hung door. These are perfect for traditional and vintage properties that have old fashioned porch and styling. As these are side hung doors, they match with the old style of the house. These doors can be easily fitted with the wall with the help of a wooden frame.

Now that you know a little more about the types of commonly available garage doors in Seattle, you can call us and we’ll be able to offer expert advice on the best type of door that will suit your budget and exterior of your house. And ensure that you only buy from a licensed, insured and bonded service like our Garage Doors Seattle service. Call us now and schedule an appointment and we’ll be right over.

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